– Anayancy Valdessoto:

I was afraid to get surgery and that fear held me back for years. And when I finally had the sleeve in 2018 my huge achievement was teaching myself what it meant to eat healthy.  I had no clue what was healthy and what was not.  Learning was a process that did not happen overnight. It took time and dedication and perseverance.  I hope that you will follow your dreams. Your life belongs to you and you are going to live it only once, not twice or more.





– Katrina Rock

My health is rocking, and I can’t thank but the awesome things I learned at this program starting with eating right, good support structure and incredible surgeons! Thank you again for making this possible. Surgery is about making life-long changes, not just for today, tomorrow, next week or this year, but for life. 

– Alnisa Robinson

Celebrating life with much love and zest! The surgery was the best thing that ever happened to me! Kudos to a fantastic team! Having a good support network to call upon when times are both good and bad, celebratory or challenging, has been invaluable for my own (and I believe your) lasting WLS success. This can be from your surgeon, bariatric or allied health team, your friends, family, co-workers, and other people or buddies that have had bariatric surgery too





– Lisa Rodriguez-Aviles

My experience at East Orange General hospital bariatric team has been fantastic to say the least! They
are a phenomenal team and have helped me transform within the last year. I had ballooned up to a
weight I had never been before, a whopping 280 lbs, and I never felt worse! Not once did I ever think I
would be this heavy, as I was always very athletic growing up and into my 20’s. With my second child it
was much harder to lose the weight the way I had traditionally, and I yo-yoed with my weight for quite
some time.

It has been a year, since I had the gastric sleeve performed here at East Orange General Hospital with
Dr. Ballem and his team and I am forever grateful for their amazing work and incredible bedside
manner. I am also eternally grateful, for such a positive impact on my life! I am truly blessed not only
for the care, and 1:1 advice, but we are all part of a bigger family now, one that I am proud to be a part

The Bariatric Center and all the staff at EOGH are amazing, and I am so happy that I made the right
decision, and this was the right one for me! I have lost an amazing 115 lbs in one year and feel fantastic!
Best of luck always and thank you!

– Maldonado Bernabela

This program changed my life.  My relationship with my husband is now very good.  I have a lot of energy to run behind my kids and I am comfortable going to playground with them.  I don’t take anymore medicines for Blood pressure and diabetes.  The staff members at East Orange are fantastic! I am grateful for the education I received.  Sonia was great in helping me in way and provided me extra support where needed.  Before surgery I lost about 80 lbs with nutrition counseling and after surgery I have lost about 100 lbs.  I would highly recommend this program and the hospital for any one who needs weight loss surgery.



-Ashan Moore:

In the nine months after my surgery and the months leading into it, the entire bariatric unit has
been nothing but kind, helpful, and informative in all things regarding my surgery. The unit
dietitian Monika Mahajan actively helped me to understand to diet properly and eat what I need.
This is all in an effort to get me from 298 lbs down to my goal weight of 220 lbs and I am now 209
lbs. As for my surgeon doctor Kartik Gohil the man is truly a pleasure to work with. Gohil
thoroughly prepared me for a pre-surgery and post-surgery. I don’t think there is anyone I
would have trusted more with the surgery.

Isabel Troche

Everything about my experience with the program, Dr. Gohil, and the staff was wonderful!

Maria Campos

I had a very good experience with Monika the nutritionist and Dr. Gohil. The staff at the bariatric center are fabulous and if I had to do it all over again, I would do it with them!! They are the BEST!!! Thank you, guys!!

Shardon Moore

I’m so overwhelmed with joy and greatly appreciate you for the life-changing opportunities this center has given me. I want to thank the staff and I truly love you guys from the bottom of my heart. You guys always went above and beyond for me. I was always treated like family. Dr. Gohil and Monika you guys are amazing!! Team, thank you for giving my life back. Even on my bad days, I felt life-giving you guys gave me the confidence that I needed. You were always and still just a phone call away. This has been the best decision of my life!! Thank you!!

Angel Castro:

After countless failed attempts to lose weight, I decided to get the gastric sleeve procedure at the age of 29. I was more than 250 lbs and I was uncomfortable with myself and my bones were hurting at the height of 5’1” that was a lot on me. I was nervous about the procedure but I’m 100% glad I did it because I look and feel great! I absolutely love the staff here at EOGH. They have been amazing from
the beginning. I wouldn’t change a thing about this process. Thanks to everyone involved.

Jeminah Boundurant:

At first, I wasn’t taking my life seriously, but my weight started affecting my health. So, I went to one of the meetings to see what I can do, and it really hit me that I needed a change and that I can be the only one who can do it. I started at 430 lbs and now down to 292 lbs. It wasn’t easy. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it because I am no longer on any meds. I thank God every day for giving me the courage to go through the surgery and all the pressure I had to deal with. I still have a lot of work to do but I’m happy because it is worth it especially when I look at myself in the mirror!