Life After Weight Loss Surgery

What Should I Know About Life After Weight Loss Surgery?

Patients have many questions concerning issues that will arise after surgery. Part of our reproach is to ensure that all patients have the information necessary to assure a smooth continuation of their weight loss journey. Here are the most common questions: 


It is suggested that you avoid getting pregnant for at least 18 months after surgery.  Please discuss your options with your own primary care physician or Obstetrician/Gynecologist.  Should you become pregnant, please inform our office, as pre-natal follow up on a regular basis will be necessary.

Diet after surgery

Post surgical patients will need to follow a strict and progressive return to normal eating. We will be going over your diet progression step by step before the surgery date.

Return to work

Recovery time varies from patient to patient. Generally most of our patients are returning to work with 5-6 days after surgery.


We recommend all of our patients to remain active. Our patients are expected to be walking from the day of surgery. We will be happy to provide you with activity and fitness suggestions

Body Contouring

Only a small percentage of patients will need to get body contouring procedures. This will be discussed on a case to case basis throughout your postoperative process.


Do not drive until you have been seen for your first post-operative office visit.  Unless told otherwise by us, you may drive after your first visit when you can react safely in an emergency situation.  Do not drive, operate any machinery, or make any major decisions while you are taking pain medications.  You must not be taking pain medicines stronger than regular Tylenol (acetaminophen) at the time you are driving


Do not lift heavy objects (more than 8 pounds) for the first 6 weeks.  When coughing, be sure to place a pillow over the incision and gently press inward to reduce the pressure from coughing on your incision.  We recommend bringing a pillow for the car ride home, as the seatbelt will cross near the surgical incision sites.