Is Surgery for You?

After years of being overweight or obese, you may have found that losing weight is more difficult than expected, despite any services or professional help you may have sought. You may have also discovered that you lose all the progress you’ve made, or even become heavier than when you started, as soon as you stop following whatever weight-loss method you were trying.

The weight-loss center is dedicated to helping people overcome the disease of obesity and live healthier lives. Yes, we said “the disease of obesity”. The truth is, that seriously overweight people who do nothing about it are gambling with their health and well-being as much as a diabetic who doesn’t take insulin. High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other serious health issues often accompany obesity, and can have serious health consequences.

But we can help you fight this disease. Our experienced multi-disciplinary team includes a nurse practitioner, clinical dietician, psychologist, and fitness instructor. Every patient receives an individualized plan that includes a range of nutritional and counseling support, as well as fitness services. These are the tools needed for patients to be successful in their quest to improve their quality of life and overall health.

For some patients, a medically supervised weight loss plan is the right choice. For others, bariatric surgery will provide the best long-term outcomes. All candidates for surgery undergo medical and psychological evaluations to make sure surgery is the best course of treatment for them. All of our staff members are devoted to providing patients with the support they need to make long-lasting changes.

If you want to get your weight, and your health back under control, visit one of our free educational seminars and support groups at East Orange Hospital.