About Us

The Bariatric Surgery and Metabolic Wellness Center at East Orange General Hospital provides both medically-supervised weight loss services and a range of bariatric surgery procedures.

The Center operates within the context of a distinct philosophy concerning morbid obesity. First, we define obesity as a disease, not a symptom. We know this disease is often accompanied by multiple medical complications which include diabetes, high blood pressure, orthopedic issues and infertility. Our program addresses any of these medical conditions that may present with a patient.

We also believe that as part of the disease of obesity, psycho-social issues such as depression, lack of self-esteem, and anxiety may be present. Therefore, we are one of less than 25% of weight loss programs nationally that includes a psychological component. This part of our program includes individual counseling, therapy and participation in support groups.

Just as important are the poor eating and exercise habits of those suffering from morbid obesity. To address this, we include a nutritional counseling along with options for exercise and fitness.

Each of our medical, psychological, nutritional and fitness services are provided to patients in fully-integrated, custom-designed programs for individuals seeking to lose weight and keep it off. Our goal is to restore health, wellness and a sense of well-being to those patients we serve.